Anouk Govil Kayaking Page

Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you found my small corner of the web. This page is a rather exciting one to develop for me, because in here, you will find posts that talk about whatever issues, trends or events that catches my fancy or piques my interest. By the way, this is Anouk Govil and this is my personal blog.

You may have already learned from my landing page that this site is primarily focused on kayaking. I am passionate about it and have been so my whole life. And while I have tons to share with all of you about my experiences doing what I love the most, I decided to include other topics as well to make things even more interesting.

And this page right here is just the place to share my thoughts on the million other things that interest me—or more like, the millions of things that run through my mind every single day! This is also where it gets even more exciting for all you because in here, I welcome contributions! So get started on your guest posts and buzz me up when you’re ready to share! I will be more than glad to review your submissions and publish as deemed necessary.

*Note: As I will be personally reviewing each guest post, please bear with me if it takes longer than expected to get them published. Also, I’d like to remind everyone that the use of foul language or profanity is not encouraged on my site. I want this website to be positive and inspiring.

My time is divided between running my small business, kayaking, reading romance novels, and writing in my journal. From these four things alone, I know I already have plenty to share to all of you! When I still have time to spare, I teach the kids at my local community about kayaking and canoeing. I obtained a license to teach when I completed all the necessary certification requirements so you can rest assured that I am qualified to teach.

I plan to share some of journal entries on this page, especially stuff that I wrote when I was younger, starting with my high school years so that should be interesting, don’t you think?

When I re-read some of my entries in my high school journal, I felt kind of silly for the things that I thought would be the end of the world for me. You know, things like my crush asking someone else out to prom or failing to make the cut for our annual school play.

All right, this is it for now. I will be writing more posts in the coming weeks so make sure to come back again, okay?

Thanks and see you all again here soon!