Kayaking Spots in Ventura County, CA

Hi, everyone! Anouk Govil here, and I will be your official tour guide for the best kayaking spots in Ventura County and Colorado. These are two of my most favorite places in the country because one is where I spent most of college days in and the other is where I grew up. First off, if you’ve never been to Colorado, I highly recommend that you consider a visit to the most amazing nature-inspired state in the U.S. Not only will you find world famous kayaking rapids here, but we also have some of the best nature trails and parks in the world!

If you love the outdoors, you will definitely have a wonderful time in Colorado.

As for Ventura County, this place has some of the best kayaking spots in the Southern California, whether you’re a beginner or an advance level paddler. So my favorite spot here is Ventura Harbor. The waters are relatively calm all year-round, and the weather is just right as well—not too hot and not too cold either. This is why my friends and I head out here during Christmas or summer breaks. Ventura has a lot of surfing beaches too, but when we want to enjoy a good, relaxing ride out in the waters, it’s Ventura Harbor for us!

If you’re visiting for the first time, and you don’t have any kayaking equipment, there are boat rentals around the harbor area so getting your gear and equipment for your kayaking adventure shouldn’t be a problem.

When you’re out in the calm waters of the Harbor, you can actually rest from paddling for awhile and go fishing instead. Kayak fishing is quite a popular pastime in Ventura County, and if you have a penchant for angling, then this is just the place to be!

Ventura Harbor is popular among anglers, particularly those looking to catch a Kelp Bass or two, or a Halibut.

Beginner kayakers are not encouraged to venture outside the Harbor as the waters past it could be a bit more unpredictable. Rip currents could be quite strong and are not suitable for inexperienced kayakers.

For the more experienced and adventurous kayaker, you can head out to Santa Cruz Island. It is recommended that you book a guided trip to the island and also mention that your purpose is to go kayaking. You could also ride out with a kayak instructor if you’re unsure about how to navigate through the changing swells.

Watch out for more kayaking spots in Ventura; plus my favorite spots in Colorado.